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The comments below are unsolicited testimonials from genuine customers. We thank them all for their kind words:

Simon S bought a lovely 300CE coupe from us a few years ago, and occasionally updates us on his ownership of the car:

Dear Pete

Hope you are well. I thought you might appreciate a short update on the W124 coupe you sold me just over 3 years ago.

In short, it continues to perform beautifully. The paintwork is unmarked and there is no rust anywhere including on the jacking points. Mechanically, the M103 3 litre engine is very smooth and carries its modest mileage with ease. The picture gives an impression of the overall condition and was taken in front of the North Gates at Sandringham House in Norfolk.

Good examples of these cars seem to be getting increasing rare, and I’m often the only example at club events. I expect to keep it for many years to come.

Very best,



John and Glynis G bought a low mileage R129 SL320 from us a short while ago and recently sent us this update on their ownership:

Hi Pete

I thought that you might be interested to learn that Glynis and I went to the Mercedes-Benz Club SL 2018 day at Wollaton Hall in Nottingham today.

I drove our R107 and Glynis drove the R129 and both were entered into the ‘Show & Shine’ Competition.

In the event Glynis won Best R129 at the 2018 National SL Show.

We are still in a state of shock but delighted!




Neil T from Lancaster bought a gorgeous 300E saloon from us recently and has just emailed the following:

Good Morning Peter and Anne, I hope you are both well.

Just an update and new photo of the 300e you sold me last November.

The car is excellent and although I have not covered a huge mileage over the winter, been too busy with the house move, I have had the car out and about and recently just spent some time getting her ready for the summer.

I have cleaned the engine bay and although the car was already in super condition when I bought it from you, I have just lavished time and effort to get her to look her best.

I recently attended a recent meet of the Lancashire MB club and was given a warm welcome by a great group of enthusiasts, who all thought the car, being an early variant was spot on. I am looking forward to my first trip to Milton Keynes in June to attend the national meeting, enthusiast class only! but looking forward to seeing I am sure some great cars. Thanks again for making my purchase so easy and for being such excellent, trusting and knowledgeable people to do business with. The car is certainly getting a bit of attention, I think because of its straight and original condition. I am booked on a number of local shows, but as you predicted I am tempting more and more just to drive it. Thank you




Simon S from near Peterborough bought a lovely 300CE coupe from us a little while ago and has recently emailed the following:

Dear Pete

Trust that you and Ann are well. This is just a little update on the 300ce. Feel free to add to the website or use in any way you wish.

The car is performing faultlessly, and has already been to a couple of car shows. The picture is from the Hunstanton Classic Car and Kite Festival where it attracted quite a bit of attention due to its immaculate condition and  the deep shine on the metallic blue paintwork! Out of season near our holiday home, or most times of year along the North Norfolk county lanes, the 300ce is a great cruiser on a fine day with the roof open and all the windows dropped. Is there a better way to explore some of local pubs for lunch or the A149 coastal road ? I doubt it. She will be pressed into service a little later in the year when my birdwatching pal comes down for a few days at the best time to see the wintering geese and wildfowl  – binoculars and/or dogs are compulsory all along the coastal hotspots.

I also dropped a line to the previous owner in Southend, who was very pleased to see that the car had gone to a good home. (It is currently under a new, blue dust cover in the garage)

With the help of a local club member, met at another car show, I’ve managed to track down a well regarded specialist to do the servicing – Euro Car care at Farcet so we’ll see how I get on with them next year. I reckon my mileage will be well under 5,000 a  year.

By all means give me a shout if you are ever Nene Valley bound – can hear the Swedish B from  our garden in Orton Longueville!

Kind regards – and thanks for selling me such a good car.



Tony A bought an SL320 from us a while ago and emailed us about his exploits:

It’s now two years since I bought the ‘Beast’ from you and I thought you’d like to know that she is fit and well and giving her proud owner a great deal of pleasure. We take her out every week for a decent run, an excellent excuse, if ever we needed one, for finding pubs a little further afield for leisurely lunches! She is a pleasure to drive and the local MB guy who services her for us says she’s one of the best he’s seen.

Thanks once again.

Best wishes


Tony with “The Beast”

A while later he updated us again and sent a photo:

Hope you are both well. The last time I contacted you was the back end of last year to tell you how pleased we were with the car. We’re now approaching the third anniversary of our ownership and she continues to behave impeccably and to give us an enormous amount of pleasure.


The following is an email we received from Gordon H, who bought an E320 Sportline cabriolet from us some time ago. Gordon also owns a Triumph Stag and a modern Land Rover:

I realised recently that I have now had N652 MEU for almost a year, having just renewed the insurance and put it through an MOT, which it passed with flying colours, no advisories being flagged up whatsoever.  I though I would therefore write to let you know how that year has gone.

I collected the car early February, after the bout of snow, when it had 77,889 miles recorded.  It now has 90,600 on the clock, having been used almost every day.

I have to say that I am still over the moon with the car, which has been a reliable, comfortable and fun means of transport.  I did think, when I bought it, that my other vehicles would get more use along side it, but that has not really happened – the Mercedes is my vehicle of choice for most

Gordon’s cabriolet in France

We took it to France last Easter and despite there being snow some days while we were there, we were still able to enjoy top-down motoring on several occasions.  I try and use it with the roof down as often as possible – even on Boxing Day last year, I took it out for a drive and, as it was
cold, crisp and clear, the roof came off, which was a delight.

The year has thrown up few issues, the most major being the parking brake failing in France due to one of the brake shoes breaking up.  Apart from that and the need to replace several bulbs, the car has been reliable and nowhere near as expensive to run as I expected.  The only other niggle was that it tended to run rather hotter than I liked, which was found to be due to a twisted coolant hose restricing water flow. Passing the MOT at our local Mercedes main dealer yesterday with no issues and much positive comment was a great pleasure.

In June, it saw service as the car taking my daughter and her new husband from their wedding to their honeymoon hotel and looked resplendent with gold wedding ribbons running from the A-posts to the 3-pointed star. Unfortunately it was too damp and windy to take them with the roof down.  I
gave my daughter the choice of our vehicles and, rather than choosing the Stag she opted for the Mercedes.

In late 2013 we took the car to the Mercedes-Benz Club 124 day in the Lake District. I had been a club member since 2008 and never before felt I had a car I could take to a club event.  We had a great time and you may have seen a picture of it at the event in a recent Gazette article.  I am looking forward to taking it to future events.

I had hoped to get to see you at the NEC show in November but our daughter had a baby the previous weekend, which rather threw all other plans into disarray.  The car did sterling service over the weeks before and after the birth ferrying Anne and I back and forth to Essex where she lives to see her and our new Grand-daughter.

All in all, Anne and I have derived great pleasure from N652 MEU and we hope to see you both at a Mercedes-Benz Club event at some stage, when you can cast your expert eye over the car and let us know whether we are looking after it properly!


John’s 420SL in France


We took the 420 to Troyes in the southern end of the Champagne Region last week, via the tunnel. In all we travelled 1100 miles, all without any incident, a lot of it with the top down, and the feeling that the car was appreciating a longer run to “run itself in”.   It didn’t even blink with 4 cases of Champagne in the back (those bottles are not light). We went to the lesser-known areas in the Aube (these are 50 miles south of the well-known Maisons in the north around Reims, Epernay and Ay.

John M sent us the above email. He recently bought a very low mileage 420SL from us and is obviously enjoying using it.


Loving the car, as are the family. In fact the children now request the Merc instead of the Jaguar. They must be fed up of being shaken about in the Jag. Kind regards.

A note from John R, a recently retired naval architect from Portsmouth, who recently bought a 300SL from us and was so impressed (see below) that he came back a month or so later and bought a 1995 S320 Saloon to keep it company.


Just to let you know I made it home, via Leamington Spa, with no trouble whatsoever, except maybe for the holiday traffic into the New Forest. Car is superb, an effortless drive compared to the Z4 and much admired by my father, wife and neighbours.

A note from Stephen P, an offshore oil engineer from the Isle of Wight, to whom we recently supplied an SL320 ‘Edition’ in exchange for his BMW Z4.


I bought a 230 Te estate on the 2nd of July so iv had it about 10 Weeks or so and covered about a 1000 miles. We all very quick to complain and slow to praise. So this is my complaint.

Iv been driving for about 34 years, iv driven various vehicles in that time. Lorries vans numerous cars. I drive a van which in 3 and a bit years has accumulated 163000 miles. So iv been about a bit. My complaint is my Mercedez is the best car I have ever driven. Full stop. Modern or new.

It’s steering is light and precise, brakes work perfectly, and despite it’s size, it ain’t small, still returns mid 30’s to the gallon. It’s also quick of the lights leaving most cars standing if your not careful. I visited a friend yesterday and driving along the lewes bypass thought everybody was driving quite slowly. The car was just purring listening to music as you do, nothing exciting really, till I looked at the speedo. It was clocking a ton. I was staggered. I obviously slowed down to a more modest speed 75 or so. Somebody ought to tell my car it’s 25 years old. I drive every day for a living. When I know I’m using my car I actually look forward to driving it. High praise indeed. I absolutely love  my car.

Colin T, a service engineer from Sussex, who recently bought a 1989 230TE estate from us.


Hello Pete. I hope you are well and that your business continues to thrive. I just want to say it was a year last Sunday since I took ownership of my car from you. I never believed you could have so much fun with a car. Car has run brilliantly over the year. Thank you for providing a car in such good condition. I am doing my best to keep it in the condition you provided it to me in.

Patrick S, a solicitor from Dublin,following up on his earlier praise.


“Dear Pete and Ann,  My apologies for not getting in contact sooner, I have been rather busy making the most of the weather and driving the car at every opportunity.  Since returning home from Cheshire the car has been in daily use clocking up 600 miles in the first week and enjoying every single one.  The drive home was glorious and effortless and apart from a 20 mile stretch of the M11, was accomplished as planned on A & B roads.  The overall MPG achieved so far is a rather impressive 27.5.  As you know, this is my first venture into classic car ownership and I must say the experience so far is rather pleasant and I am looking forward to many years of enjoyment. 

How is the car performing?  Only one word to describe it.  Perfectly.

Thank you both very much for your kind attention and assistance with the purchase.  Your service has been outstanding.

John R, a recently retired naval architect from Portsmouth, who recently bought a 300SL from us


Muriel and co-pilot on the Grand St Bernard, la belle Suisse.

John W, who owns an oil refinery in Stoke-on-Trent (yes, really!) purchased a left hand drive E320 cabriolet from us and immediately set off with his wife on a tour down through France to the Mediterranean.

He emailed after collecting it from us: “Flew home! Just got back. She is beautiful! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. We will keep you briefed as to our Tour!”

We then got an update en route: “All goes well with ‘Muriel’ as she has been christened! She rides and drives beautifully – drawing admiring glances and comments wherever she goes!


“Just a brief note to say how pleased I am with the Coupe. I have spent most of the past couple of days driving and I must say she more than lives up to my expectations. As you know I had an identical car from 1995 to 1998 and I am amazed and very pleased to report that this car feels as fresh as my first Benz. They really are remarkable machines. Thank you also for making the whole experience simple and pleasurable.” An email from Steve K of London, who recently purchased an E320 coupe from us.


Tony J from London bought a low mileage 420SL from us recently. He emailed as short while later:

Tony in his 420SL

“Just took my ‘new’ 420SL for a trip up from London to Snowdonia it ran like a bird no hint of any problems, whereas I had much more difficulty climbing Snowdon!! When I bought the car It looked great and it was just as Pete described on the phone, as near as perfect as a 24 year old car can be.

Pete offered his own warranty and when there was a small issue with the electrics, Pete told me to go into a local Merc specialist who just dealt with it without me having to cough up a penny. He has been more than helpful and very friendly, well worth paying the extra to buy from an honest & fair dealer like him.”


We have just supplied a lovely 1994 E220 estate to Ron M from Oakham, Rutland. He emailed after collecting it:
“A most pleasant drive home, thank you both for making car buying stress free and painless, even writing the cheque did not hurt! Both the car’s condition and presentation are excellent.”


David C, a retired gentleman from Lancashire, recently purchased an SL320 from us. He emailed shortly after and sent a photo:
“Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with the SL320. It has been in use every day so far and all I can do while driving is grin happily. It seems at home on the motorway, A roads, country back roads of all sizes and even in town it is well mannered and comfortable. Many thanks for your attention. regards, David”

David posing with his new steed




David P, a teacher from Beverley, N Yorkshire, recently part-exchanged his 1997 C180 with us for a 1982 W123 300D saloon. He emailed shortly after: “Hi Pete, I was going to mention a couple of things to you. After I left you a silver w123 passed us! I can’t recall the last time I ever saw one on the roads; it must be more than two years ago because that when I last commuted to Lincoln and back everyday (112 mile commute) and I used to see all sorts of vehicles though even then the w123 was an exceptionally rare beast. The second thing is that in two days, I have covered nearly two hundred miles (the return journey was about 120 miles) and today I’ve had a drive around the local country lanes. I can hardly believe that it’s twenty nine years old. The chassis is ever so fluid and smooth (perhaps the smoothest car I’ve ever driven with the exception of 1994 Bentley Brooklands). The chassis was also surprisingly “chuckable” around corners and the diesel isn’t quite as slow as I was anticipating. In addition, if the fuel gauge can be believed then it has used between a quarter and a third of a tank which was rather nice to see because when I came to see you in the M5, it used nearly a whole tank. I think I’ve been converted to this “old car” lark! Now I just need a Teflon coat to survive all the flak that my friends are giving me. I’ll just wait until their ECUs pack up… Happy motoring and best regards, David”


Ian and Elaine D of Southport recently bought a lovely 190E 2.0 auto saloon from us. Ian texted a few days after they collected it: “Hi Peter – thanks for sending key – and for all your kindness during the transaction – great tea also – we are thrilled with the car – I honestly cannot decide whether I prefer driving it to the SLK – lucky to have the choice – best regards to you both – Ian”


“I trust you and Ann are well and business is good.  It has been almost a year since I purchased my cabriolet from you and it has been simply a wonderful car. I continue to enjoy driving it and when the weather permits to have the roof down. My youngest daughter who is 3, is an even greater admirer of the “roof down” car than even me. By way of information, the car has just been serviced by Mercedes Benz in Tamworth and has flown through its MOT and is polished on a weekly basis. Dealing with you and Ann was very enjoyable and it is rare these days that one comes across such professionalism underpinned by knowledge and experience of the product.”
Sukhbinder H, director of a major Anglo-Indian finance company, who bought an E220 cabriolet from us to replace an E220 coupe he had owned for many years.


“Hi Pete

Just to say thanks again for all your help last weekend with the car.

The car is a beauty and has received loads of compliments since I got it. Five of us and all our luggage came back to Ireland in it in comfort!

I really appreciate your prompt and patient replies to my many enquiries about the car and the honesty and integrity in the way in which you dealt with me throughout the whole process. Your reputation as the premier Mercedes specialist is well deserved. Buying older cars such as these is fraught with danger, especially when they are as well made as old Mercs, but buying from you gives great peace of mind as one knows that you will be absolutely straight about the car. Many thanks again”


Justin S, a solicitor from Dublin, who recently bought a W123 230E Saloon from us.


“The car is driving like a dream. I’m so pleased with it. It was a pleasure dealing with yourself and Pete.” Ben H, London, who recently bought a 1985 280CE Coupe from us.

Ben’s 280CE, now his regular daily car.


About six months ago Glenn J of Bolton bought the 1988 420SL pictured below from us. It was to be his daily car to replace a three year old Audi which he had owned from new.

Glenn’s “Sandra Bullock”. See text for why.









It might seem like a brave move to replace a three year old car with a 22 year old, but we could tell it was going to suit him. We couldn’t have predicted just how well though. He has just emailed to tell us:

“In the twenty five years I’ve been driving, I have had a lot of cars – and I mean a LOT – something like 20. Some good ones, some bad ones, but I’ve only LOVED three of them.
My first love was a 1982 terracotta Ford Cortina (it was 1987 and I treated myself to it for my 19th birthday)- it was my first “decent” car and barring a couple of “inbetweeners” the last second hand car I bought. My next love was a black BMW Z4 (back in 2004) – I couldn’t really tell you why, it just “felt right”, it was the first time I felt a twinge of pain when a car went on to its new home.
Which brings me around to my 1988 Mercedes 420 SL in smoke silver with cream leather – from Cheshire Classic Benz. Five months in and I already know this is THE car.  You all know when you meet “the one” and how your heart aches when you think about how you had and then lost her, or worse still, never had her at all. Its sad, but YOU KNOW!
True Love – and all for the price of a second hand Mondeo.
My car pre to the SL was a new Audi TT in Dakar Beige– it was quick, agile, looked great and attracted many an admiring glance and comment. I liked it. I liked it a lot – but it wasn’t love, not by a long way.
I knew it would never let me down. I knew it would start first time every time. I knew that if I had an emergency Ikea moment I could fold down the seats and hang a slim bookcase out the back of it.  On paper, it’s everything you want of a car. That kind of relationship is what most people have and are perfectly happy with… but not me!
The difference after picking up the SL was immediate. It was like meeting Sandra Bullock in a carpark and taking her home – sexy but not slutty; nice to chat to and willing to make steak and chips on demand – and giving you that self satisfied, nay, smug feeling that even the people who don’t insist on shaking your hand in congratulation of a job well done, are still a tad envious. You can see there are a few years on her, but they have been kind ones and there aren’t too many miles on the clock.
The SL “almost” feels like a modern car – I say almost, as it isn’t quite as smooth or quite as comfortable or well equipped as a regular “rep-mobile”, but its certainly no bone shaker or a slouch. Don’t get me wrong though – it isn’t perfect. The windscreen wipers only get most of the rain off the screen, its a bit on the thirsty side and the back seats are fooling nobody (there is a reason why it was just a shelf as standard back in the day) – but these are minor niggles.. the pay off is the kind of instant cool you feel, that only a Steve McQueen or a George Clooney have, as an accident of birth. Hard to believe, but there is a downside to this – its really difficult to drop by the petrol station and not have someone come over to admire it and chat, invariably on the day you are in a hurry.
As for practical considerations, the boot is plenty big enough for your weekly shop or a couple of overnight bags (you could even chuck a suitcase on the back seat/shelf and stay away for a fortnight), the cabin is light, airy and roomy (certainly for anyone under 6 feet) and visibility for parking is second to none – I haven’t driven a car that is so easy to reverese into a tight space.
Finally, unlike (I suspect) many classic SL owners cars, mine isn’t a weekend indulgence or a toy – it’s my everyday ride.  I use it to go to and from work during the week and shopping on a Saturday – all of which, so far, it does without fuss or bother. It just does it with huge bags of style – and at a shade under seventeen grand, that’s a bargain in my book!”


In August 2009 Peter W from Denbighshire bought a very low mileage 1988 300SL roadster from us. He was so pleased with it that in early 2010 he asked us to find him an SLK to keep it company and prevent the mileage on the SL totting up too quickly. He has just written to give us his verdict:

“Dear Peter, Just a note to thank you for my SLK. The car has turned out far better than my dream. When I called to collect the car it looked A1. I drove it home and it was perfect. My garage inspected the car thoroughly and were only able to find one minor fault, very minor. It’s taken a great deal of time to receive the paperwork and change the number plate, everything is now in order and I am the happiest person in North Wales. The SLK is perfect for me.

As for the 300SL this car was also thoroughly inspected and the verdict from the garage was the car has no faults and can only be described as mint. This now carries the number plate off my old MG.

I cannot thank you both enough. I am one happy customer.”

Peter’s photo of his cars


Robert W from West Yorkshire recently purchased a 17,000 mile 1988 300SL from us to replace an identical car that he has owned since 1988. Amazingly his old one had also covered 17,000 miles when he bought it, but has now done 175,000 miles, so he felt it deserved a rest! He wrote to us shortly after taking delivery and sent some pictures: “The new car looks stunning and though my mate said on the way home that the only difference was looking out at a red rather than blue bonnet, I don’t think that is the case. I don’t believe any more the saying that you can’t put the clock back – you certainly can in a wonderful way!! I continue to be delighted with it and I am determined to keep it in the best condition I can. No running in the rain and only taking it where I know it is safe. I want it to look as good as it does for many years to come.”

Robert with his new SL







Robert and family with his old SL – taken 22 years ago!


Jean T of Birmingham bought a 1998 CL420 Coupe from us a while ago and he has just emailed: I am still so pleased with the car.  “After 18 months ownership there hasn’t been one day I regretted the purchase. I cannot think of a car I would like to own more than this one, except maybe a Bentley Arnage, but I think the servicing costs might just deter me even though there are some very good Bentley service specialists around. I hope you are both well. Kind regards, Jean”

Jean’s CL420 Coupe


Allan H of Manchester bought a gorgeous blue SL320 “Edition” from us over a year ago and has just emailed the following: “Ann, Peter. Many thanks for your Xmas card – it was very much appreciated. I know that you will be interested to learn that the SL I bought from you has provided many hours of motoring pleasure – if there is such a thing these days! We have only covered six thousand miles since last October 08 but the car has performed faultlessly. Looking forward to a better summer, get the top down and turn a few heads! Best regards to you both.”


Charles B from Lincolnshire recently purchased an E320 coupe from us. A few weeks later he left the following voicemail: “I’ve done over 2,000 miles in the car now, been to France in it, still loving it, so thanks for that. Hope to speak to you again in the future.”

He later followed this up with an email: “I’ve had the car a month now, and as expected It’s clocking up the miles as my everyday car. Over 3000 miles in it’s first month, including a trip over to France to stock up on wine. It’s just about to click over the 100,000 mile threshold. Runs faultlessly, gives me just over 30mpg (not bad for a 3.2 litre automatic!), costs me £200 less a year to insure than my last car, I can do the routine servicing myself, and minimal depreciation. Everyone who sees it and has a ride in it loves it – even those who could not initially understand why I’d sell my late model sporty hatchback and replace it with a 15 year old Merc. So, it’s certainly meeting my expectations and I’m enjoying not having the urge to drive fast everywhere.


One of the cars we sold from our stand at the Classic Motor Show, NEC, was a lovely low mileage 300CE coupe. Sam C from Northern Ireland bought it, and after the show we delivered it to the Norfolk Line ferry terminal at Birkenhead for him to collect at Belfast. He awaited its arrival more eagerly than most, as we could not let him test drive it at the NEC. He later emailed: “Just a note to say that I am enjoying the car and would like to thank you for the way you delivered it to the boat. It was good to have all the protective covering inside.”

Sam’s 300CE Coupe


We love it when our customers use their classic Mercs as they were meant to be, and we couldn’t resist showing you some pictures that Jonathan M sent us of him and his wife Deborah’s recent 2,000 mile trip around France, Switzerland and Italy.

At the top of the Grimsel Pass  (2165m)







Looking down from the Grimsel at Gletsch







At the top of the Furka Pass (2431m)










Jonathan emailed enthusiastically: “I know you like to keep tabs on your ducklings, so you might be interested to see some photographs of the beast in action, now that we have at last got the hard top stored. My wife Deborah and I have just returned from a week’s trip to the Italian lakes via France and Switzerland. You will not be surprised to know that the car did not miss a beat in 2,000 miles – or lose/use a drop of oil or water. We sailed over the Grimsel, Furka, St Gotthard and Simplon Passes as though they were not there, and kept up nicely with the moderns on the Autoroutes – where the cruise control really comes into its own. Even Deborah was impressed! The journey home wasn’t quite so nice – we had the hood up all the way from the Simplon Pass home. But at least I can confirm that the hood is completely watertight.”


We have recently supplied a 1998 SL320 to Willie W, Managing Director of a construction company in Dublin. He initially put a deposit on a blue one, but family pressure forced him to change to a silver one! He emailed after driving his new acquisition home: “The car drove exceptionally well to Holyhead and thereafter. It has been really well received by the family who would all like to be named drivers on the insurance (some hope!). I am really looking forward to some open top driving when the weather allows. Many thanks again and I am confident that I will be back again when circumstances allow.” We’re so glad that everyone’s happy!

Willie’s SL320


Martin D, a property developer from North Wales, recently purchased his third car from us, a 1995 E320 Cabriolet. It had to return for some minor warranty work, so we lent him a car while it was away. He sent us this text a few days after it returned: “Thank you both so much for bringing the ‘Blue Merc’ to Llandudno! Above and beyond the call of duty. And what a difference. I’m so pleased. You are indeed really good and fair people to do business with.” We blushed!


Barry N from Preston has just purchased his second car from us, a 320CE cabriolet. We delivered it to his home the day before he and his wife set off on a motor club tour round Scotland. He emailed on their return: “The car is a dream, the tour was first class we did about a 1000 miles straight off not a hint of any trouble as you would expect. I am sending a few photos with this, one has the most photographed castle in Scotland Eileen Donan seemed just the setting for posing the 320.”

Barry’s 320CE Cabriolet on tour


John K, an estate agent from Ireland, bought a C43 AMG from us recently. He left us an excited voicemail as he waited for the ferry at Holyhead after a great drive along the A55 North Wales coast road on the way home. His exact words were: ” . . . . just to let you know I’m very pleased with the car, it’s a phenomenal car, and you have one happy customer here. I will spread the good news . . . . “


Maurice M from Dublin bought an E320 Coupe from us about a year ago, and has just emailed as follows: “Hi Peter, I had meant to drop you a line ages ago but never got around to it. The 320 Coupe is an absolute dream to drive and just gets better and better. It took me a couple of days to get used to the automatic transmission but I can’t see myself going back now. The combination of comfort and performance is light years ahead of the modern “prestige” cars on the road and the build quality is just as good as it gets. I have been using it for daily transport and it just eats up the miles – am considering taking it over to France for a couple of weeks where it will really be at it’s best for long distance cruising. With a current mileage of 95,000, it’s beginning to feel run in at this stage! Thanks again for the excellent level of service when I visited your Cheshire base – quite a different experience from the one I was used to when I have bought cars in the past.”


Gary S, a banker from London, recently bought a 1996 S320 saloon from us. He later emailed the following:

“Just a short note to say I got home safely. All 220 miles were despatched smoothly and securely despite the ferocious weather.  This car runs rings around other supposed “grand tourers” – its comfort, security and sheer nonchalance at everything the road, weather and other motorists throw at it mean you really can drive very long distances and alight as fresh as you were when you set-off.  A gallon of red bull at your side is not required!
Like many German cars the W140 really gets into its own on the motorway, although as we said (a lot), it’s also ridiculously easy to thread through countryside and villages despite its size thanks to the easily defined extremities, superb mirrors and the tight turning circle.  I could continue all day with the superlatives but needless to say I’m extremely pleased and look forward to putting a few more miles on the clock.  Although when my revised insurance documents arrived yesterday I noticed they specifically exclude travelling on the Nuremberg Ring so I’ll have to think again re destinations!!”


We recently supplied a 1996 E320 Coupe to Gavin M, a businessman from Dublin. He later emailed: “Hope all is well at CCB! Just a quick note to say how pleased I am with the E320 Coupe. I’m thoroughly enjoying driving it, it’s certainly turning heads round our way! Many thanks to you and Ann for everything, it was a pleasure doing business with you!”


Patrick Redmond, a solicitor from Cork, Ireland, purchased a 1991 300CE-24 Coupe from us a good while ago, and has finally put pen to paper to express his delight with the car: “First of all many thanks for the Christmas Card and I hope you and Ann are both very well. I had intended contacting you long before now so here I am at last.  The red coupe 124 is running great and I have driven it almost every day since I got it  (October ’06 hard to believe) I have no doubt that this model is destined for stardom – looks good, handles great – solid but not too heavy, seats four, and most of all is utterly relaxing to drive. A hugely likeable car. One of these days I will call you – a Pagoda sounds good!!! I should add that meeting you at your delightful base in Cheshire in order to pick up the car was a most pleasant and reassuring experience”


Jonathan M, a solicitor from Worcestershire, has bought a 1988 420SL from us. He emailed on reaching home: “Once on the road the car performed faultlessly. Deborah is away today so I have been having a lovely poke round the car in the autumn sunshine – it really is in superb condition for a 20-year-old car, and the driving experience is very familiar for those of us who are used to the golden age of late 1980s cars. I have signed up for membership of the Mercedes-Benz Club. Best wishes and all good fortune with the business”


Martin D, a property developer from North Wales, has just purchased his second car from us, a 2000 SL320. He sent us this text a few days later: “What a lovely car! My thanks to both of you. You’re a pleasure to do business with.”


Rob B, a restaurateur from Chester, recently purchased a 190E 2.5-16 Cosworth saloon from us. He later emailed: “Just thought I would drop you a brief line to update you on the 190. The car drives superbly, it seems as if everyone else on the road is driving far slower than usual!  Many thanks again for quite possibly the nicest car buying experience I have ever had. I will recommend you highly to all my friends.”


James D, an architect from London, recently purchased an E280 estate from us, and emailed shortly after: “This is to let you know that I returned safely and am delighted with the way the car drives. I checked the fuel consumption for the return journey and it was exactly 30 mpg, so that’s not too bad. My Sarah is also delighted with it, at least so far! It was a pleasure to meet you and Ann. Regards James”


Geoff with his E320 Coupe









Geoff K of Sale, Greater Manchester purchased an E320 coupe from us a while ago, and has just emailed the above photo of him and the car, with the following comment: “The Coupe is still proving to be a most satisfying drive. Nothing seems to come close to that smooth 6 cylinder power and leather/walnut combination. I’m fast running out of excuses for using it instead of the Rover to get to the University. Chances are I’ll wind down to maybe one day a week from next summer giving more chance to enjoy the car.”


Peter in his E320 Cabriolet









Peter H of Coventry recently purchased his second car from us and later wrote: “Just to let you know that after a couple of weeks usage I am absolutely delighted with the E320 cab.  As you know, I was extremely pleased with the 300SL I had previously from you but this car is even better and a lot more practical for my needs and I find I am making much more use of it than the SL. It is an absolute pleasure to drive and has to rank as one of the best cars I have ever owned.  I look forward to many years enjoyable motoring with this beauty in the future. Thanks for supplying me with this fabulous vehicle and for your excellent service. I enclose a photograph of me and the car.”


Paul M of Stockport recently purchased a 1992 280E saloon from us. He later wrote: “Hello Peter, hope you’re well. I’d intended getting in touch earlier, so please forgive me. Just to say I had car booked in with Steve on Monday, just gone, when he sorted out the sunroof. (He seems a really good guy). Car is going great and I love driving it, so thanks again for all of your assistance. It really was a pleasure dealing with you and hopefully, I will see you at some stage in the future. Kind regards, Paul”


We recently supplied John B of London with a 1995 E220 cabriolet. He later wrote: “Thank you for preparing the car. It looked beautiful. I can say that I very much enjoyed the experience of buying a car from you. I shall recommend you as widely as I can. Just been out with the lid down, sun shining, fingers dropping off with cold but feels fantastic.”


Will Green of London recently purchased a 1988 300SL roadster from us. He later emailed: “Hi Peter – thanks for the time yesterday.  Journey down to London was perfect – cruised at 75/80 the whole 200 miles, and not a blink – was just like driving a new car (well actually better than the new cars I have driven!). I have to say, I was also very impressed with the condition of the car – the photos on the website did not do it justice – absolutely immaculate! Thanks again. Will”


The family with 230TE








Chris M of London recently purchased a W123 230TE estate from us as everyday family transport to replace a modern Ford Focus. He sent us the above picture of the family with the car and writes: “We love the Merc and Alice in particular gets a good view out of the big windows so she thinks it’s great.”


Jon’s 420SL








Jon F of Fife, Scotland recently bought the above 420SL from us and emailed enthusiastically after his 280 mile trip home: “Arrived back safely last night. The car did not miss a beat and was a pleasure to drive. I am delighted – and pleased that the cabin is wide enough for my smile! Strangely the rain stopped and the sun shone as I crossed the Scottish border leaving it nicely dry before putting her away for the night.”


Helen’s 300SL








We recently supplied the above 300SL to Helen S of Cheshire. She later wrote: “Many thanks for sending the spare key, I received it a couple of days ago. The car is fantastic! It drives brilliantly and in this weather is just perfect. I couldn’t have chosen better!”


Andrew’s E320 Coupe









Andrew C of Northern Ireland bought the E320 coupe picured above from us unseen, based on descriptions given by phone and email. He first got to see it when it came off the ferry at Belfast, and later wrote to us as follows: “I am very impressed with the car – everything is exactly as you described – thank you for your honesty and attention to detail. Having had a W124 250D before my C Class it was like coming home again – the build quality is outstanding. Thanks again for all your help and assistance Pete. I will certainly be recommending CCB and very much look forward to doing business with you again at some stage in the future.”


Peter with his 300SL









Peter H of Warwickshire sent us the above picture of him with his 300SL. He says: “At long last the weather has improved a little and I’ve taken the hardtop off and taken a photo of me and the car.  Incidentally, I’m tickled pink with it – its a dream car. I love it.”


Jim in his E220 Cabriolet









Jim M from Cork, Ireland sent us the above photo of him enjoying his new E220 cabriolet back home. Jim’s message: “Thanks for all your help and I hope we will be able to do business again in the future.”


Alex with his E220 Cabriolet








Our good friend Alex S, North Midlands Regional Officer of the Mercedes-Benz Club, to whom we recently supplied the E220 cabriolet shown above. Alex’s message: “I am sure you will be pleased to know that the 220 was runner up in its group at the Mercedes-Benz Club National Concours event on Sunday. Have attached photo”. He is pictured with his trophy, just giving the front nearside wing a final polish, and can’t seem to stop grinning!!


Simon with his E320 Coupe









Simon H from London (pictured above with his new E320 coupe). “Very pleased with the coupe. Was exploring the high speed cruising abilities at the Weekend – most impressive! Was also VERY surprised to get 30mpg on a more leisurely trip to Norwich.”

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