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Cheshire Classic Benz

Supplying the highest quality examples of classic Mercedes-Benz cars from the 1960s to 1990s


Many Mercedes models from the 1970s and earlier are now of sufficient value when in top condition to justify extensive restoration as an alternative to the difficult task of finding one which is already in pristine condition. A bonus of restoration is that the personal preferences of the owner such as paint colour, trim colour, trim materials and equipment options can often be incorporated as though a new car were being ordered, and the quality of the finished article is assured through careful monitoring of the restoration and rebuild process.

This car looked superficially OK, but following a detailed appraisal and uncovering of numerous serious faults we convinced the owner that it should be dismantled for spare parts, as a restoration could never have been cost-effective.

The majority of Mercedes models from the 1980s and 1990s, with some exceptions, are not yet of sufficient age or rarity to justify extensive restoration against the final value of the completed car, unless great sentimental value attaches to a particular vehicle. However it can be viable to carry out selective restoration where localised deterioration has occurred, which will bring the vehicle back to top condition and maximise its value.

Once a suitable and viable vehicle has been identified the restoration path can still be a rocky one however, and that is where we believe we have a valuable service to offer. Over the years we have gained extensive experience in the restoration process through commissioning wide-ranging work on many Mercedes vehicles. We are now in a position to manage the restoration of almost any Mercedes passenger vehicle on customers’ behalf using our own expertise and a range of trusted independent specialist craftsmen, engineers and suppliers we have assembled. We base our service around some or all of the following headings:


  • Advice on which models can be cost-effective project vehicles
  • Advice on budgeting and post-restoration values
  • Finding base vehicles
  • Finding parts donor vehicles
  • Inspection of base and donor vehicles prior to purchase
  • Negotiation and purchase of base and donor vehicles
  • Finding and purchasing spare parts
  • Cost planning
  • Work scheduling


Work in progress. It’s always darkest just before dawn!


The finished article – a car to be proud of!







The Restoration Process:

  • Delivery and collection of base vehicles, donor vehicles and parts
  • Supervision and quality control of work in progress
  • Photographic/video recording of work stages and areas which will subsequently be concealed
  • Progress reporting
  • Security of part-restored vehicles and parts
  • Administering stage payments to suppliers
  • Road testing and fault-finding
  • Delivery of completed vehicles


This car was completely original structurally, with no welding ever having been needed, having lived its entire life in the warm California sun. The non-original ivory paintwork and the interior woodwork was, however showing some cosmetic deterioration. We stripped and repainted it in its original Sand Beige metallic, refurbished the wood and ‘Europeanised’ the lighting. The leather interior was not touched as it was still in glorious original condition with just a light patina as befits the car’s age.


We checked, serviced and adjusted all mechanical components as necessary, and undertook several trips as part of the proving, including two ninety mile motorway journeys. In every case it performed faultlessly in both high speed running and heavy traffic. It has now gone to a new life back in Germany.












  • Advice on vehicle use, maintenance and storage
  • Defect appraisal
  • Warranty claims

We can price our involvement as a management fee or a percentage of the cost of the work, depending on the nature and extent of the project. We aim to mitigate the cost of our fee by carefully controlling expenditure, sourcing the most competitive quotations for work, minimising cost and/or time overruns, achieving a better quality (and therefore more valuable) resultant vehicle and taking the uncertainties (and the stress and worry) out of the restoration process.


A major project under way – a total rebuild of a 1971 280SE 3.5 saloon


Pete handing the keys to the new Australian owners prior to them setting off on a 4000 mile European tour then having it shipped home.







If you think we may be able to help you achieve your classic Mercedes goal please call us on 07980 241177 or 01625 260913 for a no-obligation chat.


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