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LATEST NEWS – Stock Shortage

Regular visitors to our site may have noticed that we don’t have as many cars for sale as usual. The simple reason is that there are fewer top quality cars coming to market. The owners of the very best cars are keeping hold of them, secure in the knowledge that they are not losing value, and it is generally only an unforeseen change in personal circumstances that causes them to become available. Fortunately we don’t have monthly targets to meet, and we will only sell cars that we would be proud to own ourselves, so we would rather have no stock than the wrong stock!

Our Aims

We specialise in supplying the highest quality examples of the rarer classic Mercedes-Benz models from the 1960s to 1990s. Click HERE to see our current stock.

We only sell cars which have been well cared for and sympathetically used, which means we inspect a lot and only buy a few. Every car we sell is subjected to an HPI check and a full mechanical check in our own workshop carried out by Mercedes trained technicians. Any significant faults found are rectified and worn parts replaced. A schedule of the mechanical work carried out is supplied with the car, along with our own warranty. See Our Standards for further details.

The Cars We Sell

Our favoured models are those from the 1980s and 1990s, a period which for various reasons saw a pinnacle of design and build quality for Mercedes-Benz (click HERE for an explanation). They include the beautiful W124 E Class coupes, cabriolets, saloons and estates; the gorgeous R107 and R129 SL roadsters; the charming W123 saloons, coupes and estates; the handsome W126 and W140 S Class saloons and coupes; and the smaller but just as perfectly formed 190E saloons. We are passionate about these cars, and we hope you will be too. If the model designation codes are still confusing you then look at our page entitled The models in detail and the mystery will be unravelled.

We also have a great regard for the Mercedes models from the 1960s and 1970s, and when we can find examples in the best condition we have great pleasure in offering them for sale to discerning enthusiasts.

Occasionally we feature models from the years 2000 and later, but only when we can find truly exceptional examples which, through sparing use and sympathetic ownership, have avoided the quality issues which tend to beset the more recent cars.

As well as our stock for sale we also own a representative selection of the above model types in our long term personal collection. We drive these cars year-round as our daily transport (only in good weather for the older ones where possible), which we feel is essential in order to appreciate and recognise the qualities which separate good from bad in the models we offer for sale.

Cheshire Classic Benz Ltd is an independent supplier of Mercedes-Benz cars and has no connection with nor endorsement from Daimler AG.

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