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Pevensey Bay – October 2019

Usually when we are asked to provide cars for film and advertising shoots the request is for the more exotic coupes and drop-tops. This time however we were asked if we could supply a 1990s Mercedes estate. As luck would have it we have a gorgeous 1995 E320 Estate in Azurite Blue with grey leather and all the options (it has been our own car for a few years but will be for sale at some stage). The director thought it was so perfect for the job that he almost fell over himself to book it, and so Pete found himself driving it down to Pevensey Bay near Bournemouth for the shoot.

The location was unbelievable – a 1930s Art Deco (or Streamline Moderne to be absolutely correct) beachside house which had been built for a well known actor in that decade and was famous in the day for the wild parties that took place there. The Sandcastle, as it is known, has had mixed fortunes over the years, but was purchased by a dedicated couple a few years ago and restored outside and in to as near as possible to how it would have appeared when new.

The shoot was for Ben Sherman clothing, and the plot was that four 20-something mates were on a nostalgic tour along the south coast (in a classic Mercedes of course) visiting their old haunts. The weather was perfect and a full day was spent capturing the required still and moving images. Pete expressed a keen interest in the house and was invited by the owners to wander round as he wished to take photos, which he of course did.

The final cut can be watched here: but amazingly our beautiful car ended up on the cutting room floor! Ho hum, it was still a great day out.

More information about the house can be found here:






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