Exporting Cars to Ireland

Classic Cars for the Irish Market – Special Considerations

If you are reading this page you will probably know only too well that the Irish Government levies huge import duties on new and used cars, and penalises the owners of larger engined cars with very high annual road tax. You can find out the import duty payable on your chosen car by entering its details at the following link:


Fortunately there is a perfectly legal way around this tax – buy a 30 year old car.
In Ireland, any car first registered over 30 years ago on a rolling basis benefits from the following concessions:

  • Only €200 VRT import duty (normally up to 30% of the car’s value)
  • Cheap annual road tax, currently €52 (free if built earlier than January 1980 – fixed date)
  • Exemption from the annual NCT test if built earlier than January 1980 – fixed date
  • Eligibility for low cost classic car insurance

Unlike most makes of car, a 30 year old Mercedes, if it has been well cared for, will still be a fine and practical car for every day or special occasion use.

A popular classic Mercedes model of this age is the R107 280SL, 350SL and 450SL roadsters, which were built from 1971 onwards. With minor upgrades this model was produced until 1989, which shows how advanced it was at the time. It takes an experienced eye to spot the difference between a 1971 and a 1989 example.

To the untrained eye this could be a late 1980s car

Other popular choices are the W123 saloons, coupes and estates, the W108 S class saloons and the W111 coupes and cabriolets.

Most of these cars have succumbed to the ravages of time now, but there are a few that we come across which have led a cherished and sheltered low-mileage life as a second or third car and someones pride and joy. These are the cars we seek out.
Please call us if you would like to purchase such a car.
For Irish customers wishing to view cars we can meet you off your flight at Manchester airport, and for a reasonable fee we can deliver your new purchase to the ferry terminal at Holyhead, which is a two hour drive from us, or all the way to your home.

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